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How We Got Here

SimpleCharge idea and team was born in April 2021, when 3 electric vehicle enthusiasts met at the Urban Mobility Hackathon organised by VEFRESH.  The team and idea was recognised  TOP 3 among more than 20 teams and later accepted for the Urban Mobility Incubator co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility. Within the business incubator the team launched their first EV charging stations in Riga, Latvia and proved the technical feasibility of the solution. 

Since 2022, the team has been improving the technology, performing research on different types of lamppost infrastructures and developing their solution to make it easy to scale to bring EV charging to everyone.

In 2023, the team is operating multiple charging points in Riga, Latvia and planning to scale its operations to Croatia and Romania within EIT Urban Mobility co-financed scale-up project. The team consisting of 5 team members across multiple specialties and skills is planning to have 50 EV charging sockets by end of 2023. 


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